Yaki Udon


Yaki Udon is stir fried noodle with vegetables. It’s pretty much similar to Yaki Soba dish. I personally think Yaki Udon has more variety of flavors rather than Yaki soba. You can find Yaki Udon often in Izakaya type of bar in Japan.


  • Frozen Udon
  • CabbageMet
  • Onion
  • Eggs
  • Shrimp
  • Mentsuyu souse
  • Soy sause
  • Salt
Frozen Udon

Cooking Instructions

  1. Cut onions and cabbage in bite size
  2. Put oil in a pan and stir fry onions first
  3. Add cabbage to the pan and stir fry with onions for a while
  4. Once onions and cabbage become soft, add shrimp to the pan
  5. Add salt and peppers
  6. Microwave the frozen noodle for 3 minutes
  7. Once noodle is ready, add the noodle to the pan and continue to stir fry with vegetables
  8. Add mentsuyu sauce and soy sauce and mix them.
  9. Once sauces are mixed with vegetables and noodles, it’s ready to eat!
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