Hello! Thank you very much for visiting this blog. I’m a Japanese guy who just moved to the U.S and working. One of my favorite things is eating good foods (Of course, Japanese food is the most favorite!)

When I was in Japan, I was visiting restaurants very often and tried and enjoyed new foods. After moving to the U.S, I have realized that food price in restaurants are more expensive than what I was used to in Japan. When it comes to Japanese food it costs 3x or sometimes 5x!!

I can’t afford to eat out Japanese food so often, and also this COVID-19 pandemic situation made me think I should cook by myself.

So, this blog is an my cooking records as well as recipes that I get inspired by. (Fortunately, many of my friends love to cook.)

Please feel free to drop a line. I’m more than happy to receive feedback from you.

JP Foodie

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